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Farmer tells what it’s really like to host wind turbines | The Land




NO REGRETS: Host farmer Alan Pitcher with Nevetts Lawyers’ Kent Mallinson and Cathy Drake at his Skipton property, which hosts turbines as close as 500 metres to his home.

He’s endured a 15-year wait, legal threats and the odd nasty letter but, last week, the turbines dotted across Alan Pitcher’s paddocks started turning for the first time.

The Skipton farmer’s experience offers plenty of lessons for landowners across Australia contemplating hosting a wind farm.

The closest wind turbine is just 500 metres from his home but he said he was neither bothered by the sound, which reminded him of a jet plane, or the sight of them.

“I like them as an architectural thing. I think they’re quite elegant,” Mr Pitcher said.

But that wasn’t really the…

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