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Five British Movies and Series You Can Binge While You’re Waiting for Your Next Holiday – Concrete Playground




For five years between 2005–2010, David Tennant played one of the most iconic roles there is; however, he’ll never just be known for his work on Doctor Who. Since stepping out of the TARDIS, the British actor has been filling his resume with supremely interesting parts. Miniseries Deadwater Fell is the latest — and yes, if you’ve spotted that Tennant has become very comfortable in crime thrillers, drama and mysteries, you’re completely right.

Here, he plays Tom Kendrick, a doctor in a Scottish village who is also the only survivor when his home catches ablaze. Over four tense episodes, the twisty series explores the events and aftermath, including its impact upon the local community. It’s not all what it seems, of course,…

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