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Mate, the news is out – we’re a pack of flaming galahs | Town & Country Magazine



Let’s face it, Australia is known as the land of big things and weird animals. You can’t even go to Bunnings at Ballina without being confronted by a giant prawn, and a parfait at the Big Pineapple was the pinnacle of perfection when we were kids.

There are people who trek from one big thing to another, collecting selfies at the Giant Jumping Crocodile at Wak Wak in the Northern Territory, the Big Barrel at Bundaberg, and the Big Easel in Emerald.

For Aussies, bigger is better. And like it or lump it, our wildlife is a bit out there too.

Who has a fluffy, swimming mammal with webbed feet and a bill, no feathers and who lays eggs? We do! It’s a platypus. What about the kangaroo? A jumping triangle that carries its baby in a pocket in its…

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