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You Can Now Make Free Local, National and Mobile Calls From Any Telstra Payphone




For around 140 years, since back in the 1880s, Australians have been able to make calls from public payphones. Most of us might now carry mobile phones around with us in our pockets, but public payphones are still there — in case your battery is flat, you have no signal, you’ve lost or forgotten your phone, you simply don’t have one, or there’s an emergency. And, if you need to use one of Telstra’s handsets while you’re out and about, you now won’t have to pay a thing if you’re making a local, national or mobile call.

Coins, phone cards, credit cards, debit cards: these have been acceptable forms of payment in the past; however, now you won’t need them to get dialling in most situations. If you’re calling overseas, that’ll still…

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